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top ten ways to kill the sister

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#1 mom how many razor blade cuts does it take to get to the center of the little sister. I dont know says mom. Make one gash every minute till you reach it
#2As she is watching tv in her room shoot ten bullet shells around her. If that does not give her a heart attack then cut off her arms and legs.
#3Push her off of your tree fort onto barbwire till she suffers from oozing gashes

#4 Cut her open with paper. enough said
#5If the RPG does not work then I sugjest fighter jet bullets
#6send her into a killer bees nest. As she runs for water set her on fire and when she finaly jumps in the lake make sure she stays down till the bubbles stop coming up
#7A blow gun and a pack of pens really hurt more than you think it would or maybe nding the pens through a paintball gun would be more efective  

#8 my sister hates spiders. Be creative!
#9Get her drunk, turn on the car, put the sister in the drivers seat and she will do the rest.
#10 Stab her with a butter knife. Its a classic!!  

kill the little sister if you must,when you must